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The Three-Step Guide to Dealing with Water Damage

The very first advice the experts at have for you is: if there is water pouring into your home or business, stop reading this blog and call us right now at 1-518-773-2435! If your situation is already under control, or if you’re reading this as preparation for any future situation then please, read on and find out what to do if you discover water damage on your property.

Water damage can take many forms, from an improperly sealed pipe that is dripping down your interior wall to a flood caused by burst pipes or an outside source. It doesn’t matter how small or large the damaged area, the thing that matters most is getting the help you need quickly. Water damage can turn into mold damage in the blink of an eye!

Here are a few tips to get you started on the path to recovery:

Step One: Safely Assess the Situation

The emphasis here is on safety! Water damage, especially flooding, can often conceal dangerous hazards like broken glass, sharp edges, unstable flooring, and even electrical hazards. If your home or business has flooded, the safest bet is to try to avoid contact with the water (which may carry bacteria and other pathogens) and call a professional right away. If the water damage is minor, or comes from a source that is known to be clean (like a burst pipe), then it may be safe to approach the source. Still, always be careful around water damage. It is sometimes difficult to tell the extent of it at a glance.

Step Two: The Clock is Ticking

One thing that you should definitely know about water damage is that once it happens, the clock is ticking. Water seeps and flows into every crack and crevice, not to mention under the floorboards and into the space between the walls. Opening the windows and putting up a fan isn’t going to work. You’ll need professional help. When you choose to call a professional water damage restoration contractor (us, for example) you should know that many contractors will work both with you and your insurance provider. Quality companies like can help to streamline the claims process, making things easier for you.

Step Three: Get the Help you Need!

Many well-meaning people only make things worse by delaying the phone call in an attempt to deal with water damage themselves. Without meaning to, these well-meaning DIY-ers allow the damaging water to linger on their property for an extra day or more. During this time, water not only seeps into a larger area but can also evaporate into the rest of the house, bringing high levels of moisture into previously unaffected areas.

If you are experiencing water damage, don’t wait. Call the experts at right away at 1-518-773-2435, or through email at advancedcleaningrs@gmail.com

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